La Tomatina Event

La Tomatina Event

🍅 La Tomatina Event: Unleash the Tomatoes! 🍅
Hello Adventurers,
We’re spicing things up! In celebration of the famous La Tomatina festival, we’re adding a burst of color and fun to Land of Heroes!

🎮 How to Participate
Log in to the game during the event duration.
Press the O button wherever you are to unleash a tomato torrent upon other players!

🏆 What’s at Stake?
Successfully throw 1,000 tomatoes at other players to unlock a new Achievement Badge in the Social tab.
The badge not only marks your tomato-throwing expertise but also rewards you with the adorable Flamenco Felino Pet! This cute, dancing cat will jazz up your adventures! 🐱💃

🔍 Event Rules
You must hit other players to count toward the achievement; hitting NPCs or environment objects will not contribute.
Tomato throwing can happen in any game location.
Throwing tomatoes won’t cause damage but will apply a temporary “Splattered” effect on characters.

📜 Note
Remember to claim your Flamenco Felino Pet via the new Achievement Badge before the event ends.
Who says combat can’t be colorful? Let’s paint our world red and celebrate La Tomatina like never before!






Flamenco Felino


La Tomatina Event

  • PERMA!!!
  • Max. HP +5000
  • Strength against monsters +10%