War Ghosts

What are War Ghosts?

War Ghosts are a higher-level premium feature that makes your character stronger and attacks with you while you are in a fight.

How to get a War Ghost?

To create a War Ghost first you will need to collect 30 Hero points (from completing ūüĒ• dungeons). This is the price for which you can buy a Ghost of Warrior at Darunia.

After that, you will need a Soul Amplifier  from the Item-Shop to craft a War Ghost from the Ghost of Warrior at the Blacksmith.

After you created your War Ghost it will have 6 hours of usage time. This decreases only when the War Ghost is equipped.

You can add +6 hours to your existing War Ghost by putting a Soul Amplifier to your War Ghost item as many times as you want.

If your War Ghost gets out of time it will disappear!

How to use War Ghosts?

You can equip your War Ghost to the slot marked with a purple arrow.

You can equip special claws to your War Ghost to the slot marked with a red arrow which will make your War Ghost deal more damage.
War Ghost attacking the stone with you (purple damage)

What is soul level?

Your character has a soul level that affects how strong your War Ghost is. The higher your soul level, the stronger your war ghost’s attacks are. You can see your soul level on the UI (purple bar). If you put your mouse over it you can also see the percentage of your soul exp to the next soul level.

You can increase your soul exp with 2 items: Soul Training Booklet and Soul Training Booklet+ .

Soul Training Booklet can be achieved from every boss above lv. 100. Reading the book can be unsuccessful.

Soul Training Booklet+ is available in the Item-Shop. Reading this book is always successful.