How can I get the VIP package?

After logging in on the website, clicking on the “Buy Vip” button under “Your Account” will take you to the “VIP Package” page, where you can buy this package.

Lasts 1 week, the time starts counting down when you buy the package.

Time passes even when you are offline.

The VIP package has many useful features.

The VIP package has many useful features.

Current features include:

  • Duble range of Bravery Capes

  • Daily 3 hours of Auto-Farm

  • X1.5 Yang when Auto-Farming

  • 3 warehouse pages

  • Faster switchbot

  • If your shaman has VIP, you can make him follow you and buff you while using the auto farm.


If you have a VIP, your warehouse pages are bigger, but if your VIP expires, the items that you can only retrieve when you buy the package again will stay in the warehouse.