The item shop is available on the upper menu-bar after logging in to our website.
You can get different useful items from it.

There are sales very often on the itemshop, so it's worth checking constantly.

  • Equipments: beginner PVM equipments, PVP equipments
  • Dungeon tickets & Dungeon shortener items
  • Different leveling-up assisting items, quest assisting items
  • Mounts and pets that provide useful bonuses
  • Chests with every maps' materials
  • In-game marriage items
  • Other: party packs, legendary (8th) bonusers and switchers, equipment coloring item, DC vouchers, etc...

Buying Dragon Coins

It's available to buy DC by Credit/Debit card. It's working via Barion Payment's service, you can use with all kinds of MASTERCARD, VISA or AMERICAN EXPRESS credit-cards. If you use this payment method, the given DC amount will automatically be credited to your account.