Lack of knowledge of the rules, or inaccurate knowledge of them, does not exempt you from responsibility.

Community Guidelines and Guidelines

The purpose of this guide is to:

To create an environment for those who join this community that is fun, unique and safe, encouraging everyone to behave with honesty, integrity and respect.

This Community Guide will help you understand what it means to be part of the Land of Heroes community. Please note that our Land of Heroes platforms may only be used in compliance with these Community Guidelines and Terms of Use.

Pay attention to the following things when using the Land of Heroes platforms:

  • Play fair and respect the community.
  • Please do not abuse our platforms. This is a community created by many people – here everyone must be guaranteed the right to use communication channels without fear, insult or harassment. Be polite and respectful – we trust our users’ sense of responsibility and expect everyone in the community to respect that trust.

Expected behavior:

  1. Be respectful of others. Don’t take your frustrations out on others, whether it’s in your comments or your post on the site. What will not be tolerated: irresponsible behavior, derogatory or defamatory comments, threats, harassment, illegal activities, violation of privacy rights, propaganda, racial hatred, behavior that attacks a different culture, obscene or obscene, political, sexual content, or any other non- appropriate behavior. It is also forbidden to publish the personal data of other users.
  2. Remember, every player has the same right to play as you do. Be courteous and do not obstruct others while using the in-game features/interface.
  3. The official language of the community is Hungarian.
  4. Help other users when they ask for help. Share your knowledge!
  5. Respect the privacy rights of others!
  6. If you play in a group, you should also actively participate and contribute to the teamwork!
  7. Each player can play Land of Heroes with multiple IDs.
  8. If someone says something to you that is unpleasant for you, try to ignore it and don’t start an argument. This is much more effective than arguing.
  9. The admin and game support team is here to support you throughout the game. Please always answer them: help so they can help. Remember, you can always report inappropriate behavior to the team.
  10. Remember the golden rule: always treat others the way you want others to treat you.

Prohibited conduct:

  1. Don’t look for ways to violate the Community Guidelines and Terms of Use. If you notice someone doing this, report it!
  2. Do not write advertising messages. Do not recommend commercial activities, including links to them.
  3. Do not post pornographic or sexual content, the Land of Heroes community is not a place for such content.
  4. Don’t break the law. Make sure you comply with all applicable rules and laws. Do not distribute information that you know or believe to be false, misleading, or that may be punishable or illegal.
  5. Do not attempt to impersonate any other person, including but not limited to Land of Heroes Group employees, developers, teams, agents, or operators.
  6. Don’t be a bully. Frequent bullying or insulting others may result in your ban from the game.
  7. Protect yourself by keeping your personal information safe.
  8. Never publish your personal data on the Internet!


  • They can hack and steal your Metin2 ID.
  • Your Metin2 characters may disappear forever.
  • You can lose your items forever.
  • You can be temporarily or permanently banned from Metin2.
  • Others can find out your personal data, e.g. where do you live

How to be safe?

  • Do not give your ID information to anyone, not even the Game Team!
  • Do not give your personal password to anyone, not even the Game Team!
  • Don’t give real life information to anyone!
  • Do not give your personal email address to anyone!
  • Do not give your personal phone number to anyone!
  • Choose a different password and username on each platform, which contain both uppercase and lowercase letters, as well as numbers!

Other provisions:

  1. The Land of Heroes team reserves the right to investigate and take appropriate action against anyone who violates these Community Guidelines, including, as a penalty, temporary or permanent suspension of access to the Land of Heroes platforms.
  2. This Community Guide may be updated from time to time, please check back regularly.

The Land of Heroes team is not responsible for any damage caused by player errors.

Server policy

  1. All policy points of the Community Guidelines and Guidelines are valid in the game as well.

  2. The game is continuously developed, updated and adjusted by the operator. Accordingly, the user can only participate in the current version of the current online game.

  3. The user is responsible for the actuality and suitability of the software and hardware tools he uses.

  4. When registering and entering the character name, guild name, and shop name, the chosen player name/guild name/shop name must not infringe the rights of third parties or conflict with public morals. In addition, it is forbidden to register e-mail or web addresses, advertise products, servers, or sites as a player name. The user assumes responsibility for the authenticity and completeness of the data provided to Oldera.

  5. A user account is non-transferable without the express consent of Land of Heroes.

  6. The user is not entitled to use the login data of another user under any circumstances.

  7. Any form of manipulative intervention in the online game for the user is prohibited. In particular, the user is not entitled to take measures, use mechanisms or software that may interfere with the operation of the game and the progress of the game. It is prohibited for the user to carry out activities that may result in an unsuspected or excessive load on the technical capacity. It is forbidden for the user to block, overwrite or modify the content generated by the referee or to interfere with the game in any way. If someone experiences this, they must report it to the team members.

  8. It is forbidden for the user to play games online with programs other than the provided client software. This applies primarily to the so-called on sticks. Likewise, the use of scripts and partially or fully automated programs that give the user an advantage over other players is prohibited. If someone experiences this, they must report it to the team members.

  9. Under no circumstances shall the user:

    1. you may not make or use so-called cheat, mod and/or hack programs, as well as any other software created by third parties that change the playing experience of the online game,

    2. you cannot use software that enables the so-called data-mining or otherwise collect information related to the online game,

    3. you may not use virtual items used in online games outside of the online game, buy or sell or exchange them for “real” money.

    4. you cannot use aids that allow the development of the character without intervention. the User is obliged to handle all his actions in a manner acceptable to the alternatives.

  10. The user must report errors and bugs found on the website, forum, Discord and in the game. The user may not take advantage of a game error to gain an advantage. If someone experiences this, they must report it to the team members.

  11. Land of Heroes is not responsible for damages resulting from a breach of duty by the user.

  12. By logging into the game, you agree to the following terms:

    I will not/will:

  13. participate in scamming other players.

  14. sell my user account or its contents for real money.

  15. change something in the game using an “external” program.

  16. to exploit a bug found in the game.

  17. to go against other rules of conduct to which I have agreed.

  18. violate other players’ right to play and enjoy the game. So I will not threaten, annoy or draw unwanted attention to another player.

  19. use sexually explicit, exploitative, defamatory, obscene, hateful, racially or ethnically offensive terms/language.

  20. attempt to interfere, hack or obtain unauthorized data/data traffic from the game or server.

  21. Player or Shop or guild names that are offensive, obscene, intimidating, racist, related to drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, gambling, radical right-wing and/or rude or misleading (PL: Admin, GM and any other name , which would refer to a Team member) are prohibited. 

  22. The Internet is a place where dirty fights happen easily. That is why it is the task of the Game Team to decide when the communication crosses the line where it is considered inappropriate / too rough.

  23. Be friendly with other players and don’t insult them. Threatening and blackmailing other players is strictly prohibited. Some insults may not necessarily be considered insults, as opinions may differ on a subjective basis. The Land of Heroes Team reserves the right to objectively decide when an insult is considered an insult.

  24. Demanding or forcing other players to do something contrary to their intentions is against the rules and may result in account ban.

  25. Violating the rights of others to play and enjoy the game is prohibited and may result in penalties from this department.

  26. Attempting to impersonate other people is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, employees, representatives, developers, administrators or operators of Land of Heroes.

  27. Extremist, racist, pornographic or other illegal statements are prohibited in the game. (Racist, illegal, discriminatory or other inappropriate names may lead to immediate ban.)

  28. Don’t make fun of beginners and don’t beat them by taking advantage of their ignorance. Everyone was a beginner! Help them.

  29. The official language on the server is Hungarian. This applies but is not limited to: Game Server, Forum, Discord official chat rooms.

  30. Special reminder that this also applies to: In-game private messages, in-game clan pages, in-game clan applications and in-game summon messages.

  31. Don’t spam. This means that you should not send the same message repeatedly in Caller Chat and Normal Chat at short intervals (several times within half a minute). Posting links or tips that have nothing to do with Metin2 is also prohibited. It is also forbidden to ask other players about cheating methods.

  32. Repeatedly typing meaningless strings in caller/regular chat, OR typing meaningless strings so long that they reach the edge of the screen or beyond, can be considered spamming the caller/regular chat and is considered a violation.

  33. Marketing, advertising or other similar solicitations on the Game, its Website or Forum are strictly prohibited. IN THE SENSE OF THIS, it is FORBIDDEN to mention Private servers even at the NAME level!

  34. The use of the Land of Heroes game, forum, website, and Discord platforms for movements/events that differ from what is allowed in a game community is prohibited.

  35. It is strictly forbidden to seek out and abuse another player, team member, representative, or any other person related to the game/service, and to declare this.

  36. Members may not deceive, annoy, threaten, cause inconvenience or unwanted attention to other players.

  37. Errors, loopholes, security flaws, or any other inconsistencies must be reported immediately to the GM Team. Exploiting them for unfair advantage is strictly prohibited and may result in disqualification.

  38. Manipulation of the Client in any way is prohibited.

  39. Any software that operates without human control and/or independently of the displayed content is prohibited. In other words, every click that comes from the client to the server must come from a live person and not from an automated system.

    If you notice or suspect that someone is using some kind of cheating program or hack, you MUST immediately report it to the GM/SGM/GA, depending on which one is available in the game.

  40. All players must keep their user account information confidential. The Land of Heroes Team will never ask you for information about your user account or its password. It is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN to give your password to a real or “Fake” GM, SGM or GA, no matter what “pretext” they ask you for. whatever he threatens!

  41. The owner of the user account is responsible for the actions performed by him. This means that if anyone logs into your user account, such as a family member or acquaintance, you will be responsible for their actions. Keep your e-mail, Account ID and password secure. This also applies to the following: Mother, Father, Sister, Brother, Brother, Grandmother, Grandfather, friend, neighbor…etc.

  42. Only complaints that come from the registered permanent e-mail address of the user account will be handled. The Team will not restore/replace lost items/accounts. (DO NOT ask the Team to return cheated, lost, or hacked items. Violation of this rule may result in a ban.)

  43. Asking other users to share their user account password is strictly prohibited. This may result in the banning of all user accounts you own. If they listen to this, you will definitely get the punishment.

  44. The sale of in-game user accounts (and all CHARACTERS belonging to them) or their contents (Items) or related balance (that is, YANG) for real money (e.g. HUF, Euro, Dollar, Pound, etc.) or other in-game currency is strictly prohibited! It is also forbidden to sell the Characters (including the user account by definition) for real money or in-game currency – this includes YANG! Therefore, it is STRICTLY PROHIBITED to sell / give away characters according to the Game Rules and Terms of Use. Any player who does such a thing will be banned. Of course, items (dropped, purchased items, weapons, equipment, drinks, etc.) can be sold within the game using the trade or the market (node).

  45. GMs cannot give items or money to players. They won’t save anything for you and won’t help level your character or summon monsters. You cannot trade GMs or invite them to a clan. You also can’t ask them to help you with something like that. An exception may be a pre-arranged Event.

  46. Land of Heroes’ guidelines and decisions must be respected.

  47. If a GM/SGM/GA in-game writes on local chat or PM any player, they MUST reply. The GM doesn’t want to chat in boredom, he wants to check something or find out something. All players MUST help in this by answering the questions asked.

  48. Do not avoid a GM’s decision by going to another GM, this can lead to expulsion from the game. – If you are not happy with the GM’s decision, contact the SGM or GA. Violation or attack of the rules may result in expulsion from the server, in repeated cases the user account may be permanently banned.

  49. Complaints against the team must be clean, free of cursing and personal insults. Defamatory/personal insults/cursing communication towards the team will not be tolerated and will result in the removal of offensive comments and the banning of the offending party.

Note that your behavior on the services may result in your temporary or permanent ban from the entire community and its services. These rules can change at any time, and the comment/take notice period is two weeks.

Forum rules

  1. All points of the Community Guidelines and Guidelines are valid on the forum as well.

  2. Any information found by the forum owners to be inaccurate, unethical or offensive may be deleted without warning.

  3. You are solely responsible for the content of your sent messages.

  4. Members of the admin team reserve the right to warn, censor and ban Users who do not follow the rules.

  5. In serious cases, the TEAM will judge individually, – the violating Forum user can also be banned from the game.

  6. The rules also apply to comments and personal messages (PM).

  7. The language of the forum is Hungarian. No other language may be used anywhere on the forum. Non-Hungarian messages may be banned

  8. It is FORBIDDEN to post money-making opportunities and descriptions on the forum pages.

  9. It is forbidden to post advertising, pornographic, extremist, morally dangerous, illegal, threatening content and links in comments or in any other form. Furthermore, posting keys, hacks, hacked or other illegal content, illegal download sites (“warez”).

  10. It is forbidden to post a personal message or conversation in a comment without the consent of its participant(s). This applies to all related platforms.

  11. Offloading forum topics, i.e. writing comments that do not belong to the given topic, is prohibited

  12. It is forbidden to unofficially help the moderators, i.e. write or comment as if you were a moderator. Also, the use of the writing image they use is also prohibited.

  13. It is forbidden to edit a warning given by a moderator or a comment that has already been moderated.

  14. It is forbidden to “bump” the topics, i.e. to comment just so that the topic gets on the first page with a fresh comment.

  15. It is forbidden to double-post, that is, to comment twice in a row (whatever you want to say, edit it in your previous comment).

  16. No spamming.

  17. Smile spam is prohibited, i.e. you must not use a mass of emoticons in the post.

  18. It is not allowed to regularly use capital letters (larger than normal font size) in comments/signatures.

  19. Post hunting is prohibited. That is, commenting unnecessarily just to increase the “forum rank”. If you comment, it should have content!

  20. Insulting, profanity, and vulgar language are prohibited on the forum, and linking to such content is also prohibited.

  21. It is forbidden to annoy, provoke, or incite other forum members.

  22. It is forbidden to advertise on the forum for the purpose of making a profit, or to link to such a page.

  23. It is not allowed to write comments or post battles on behalf of banned users if you did not participate in them.

  24. Impersonation of Forum/Game/Development team members is prohibited. Includes username, avatar, signature, etc.

  25. It is forbidden to report others without grounds, if it is clear that no irregularities have occurred.

  26. It is forbidden to bring up any topic/request regarding a banned User on the forum.

  27. If there is a mandatory template in the given topic, it must be used. Failure to do so may result in a penalty!

  28. Each forum user must follow the rules.

  29. If you feel you have been unfairly warned, first contact a team member who warned you.

  30. If you are still not satisfied, talk to the Forum Administrator. The Forum Administrator’s word is final in such cases.

  31. The same applies if your topic is closed. Also, do not open a topic that has already been opened once. Use the Search function to filter this.

  32. Multiple warnings may lead to banning from the forum. We review each such case individually. Re-registering as a different user during a temporary ban can lead to a permanent ban. In severe cases, a ban without warning can be applied.

  33. You can reach the members of the Forum team in the form of a Personal Message (PM). All rules apply to these messages as well.

  34. Forum Administrators and Chief Moderators (in an emergency) can ban a user, change the Forum rank and username.

  35. Penalties for breaking the rules:

  36. Violation of some policy points may result in immediate and permanent ban. These are as follows: a banned user re-registers using a different name without the permission of the Admin, or unauthorized multi-registrations, non-Hungarian messages, pornographic, extreme political, morally dangerous, personal messages or conversations in comments without the consent of the participant(s), impersonating a team member, advertising and linking to other games/servers may result in a permanent ban.

  37. Violation of other policy points may result in a warning or, in more serious cases, a ban.

  38. In serious cases, the Administrator may request a ban from the game for the forum member.

  1. It is a general principle that a ban is requested in cases where a permanent ban from the forum is “not used”, or if the violation is very serious.

  2. The extent of such bans is the responsibility of the Administrator. Examples of such cases are: unauthorized re-registration, very rude insults, provocations, insults and threats to team members

  3. Rules for signature and avatar: The signature and avatar must not contain rude, violent, offensive, drug-related, pornographic or religious thoughts. Images containing animal or human torture, as well as slogans referring to political parties, their emblems, photos of politicians, TEAM members, caricatures.

  4. It cannot be included in the post, avatar or banner:

  • Video (e.g. YouTube) (except for video from the server)

  • Politically motivated sentence, image

  • Music (e.g. flash player)

  • Contact information, image, reference to a pornographic or sexual website

  • Profane, obscene, racist text

  • Prohibited advertising e.g. alcohol, drugs, cigarettes

  • Large image

  1. Furthermore, it is FORBIDDEN to advertise one’s own server, one’s own forum, website, or radio in any form!

  2. Advertising or linking to other games is prohibited!

  3. The use of inappropriate signature images, banners, and user bars is prohibited

  4. Please note that it is not the authority of the forum operators to determine the authenticity of the comments. We do not guarantee the completeness, usefulness, or authenticity of the information presented here. Messages sent express the views of the author and not specifically the views of the forum, its operators or owner. Anyone who feels that a post is objectionable can immediately notify a forum administrator or moderator.

  5. The forum owner reserves the right to remove objectionable content within a reasonable period of time if they believe that removal is necessary.

  6. This is a manual intervention, please be aware that we cannot immediately delete or edit certain messages.

Discord Policy

By joining our Discord servers, you automatically accept the following rules:

  1. On the Land of Heroes Discord platforms, the Land of Heroes forum and game rules, as well as all points of the Community Guidelines and Guidelines apply equally, they all apply equally!

  2. The official language on the discord server of Land of Heroes is Hungarian, you must speak Hungarian.

  3. Writing, sending, transmitting, growing, promoting, or advertising pornographic, political, obscene, or religiously extreme, morally unacceptable content, as well as content that violates applicable laws, is strictly prohibited.

  4. You must refrain from using inappropriate or offensive language!

  5. Spam and off-topic comments should stay on the given channel!

  6. Promotion of links or products not owned or operated by Land of Heroes is prohibited.

  7. It is forbidden to discuss illegal private servers! Ignoring this rule may result in a warning or ban.

  8. Always speak respectfully to others!

  9. Sharing personal data, e-mail addresses or passwords is also prohibited through Discord channels; our team never asks for confidential information even through Discord.

  10. Don’t try to impersonate team members.

  11. Although team members are often present, they may not always be active as they perform many tasks.

  12. Don’t use too many emoticons!

  13. Don’t use mass quotes!

  14. Do not use mass appeals!

  15. Posts may be deleted and users may receive a warning. Multiple warnings within a given time frame may result in a server mute or ban.


Violation of the following policy points may result in a ban of a few days or even a PERMANENT ban! Therefore, EVERYONE should pay attention to the complete observance of all points!

The Game Team reserves the right to reinterpret and revise the above rules in the cases that arise.

The Land of Heroes team reserves the right to change the rules.

We wish you a pleasant game and pastime,

 the Land of Heroes Team