Heroes’ Tale I.
Mission object: Wine Bottle
Map: (Map2) Miryang, Jinju, Gumgang
Available:Savage Minions
Required quantity: 6 pieces
If successful, waiting time:30 seconds
If unsuccessful, waiting time: –
Reward: 400 Million Yang
Mission point: 1.500 Points
Heroes’ Tale II.
Mission object:Orc Maces
Map:Orc’s Outpost
Required quantity: 10 pieces
If successful, waiting time: 5 mins
If unsuccessful, waiting time: 5 mins
Reward: 700 Million Yang
Mission point: 3.000 Points
Heroes’ Tale III.
Mission object: Spider Gem
Map:Spider’s Sanctum
Required quantity: 15 pieces
If successful, waiting time: 10 mins
If unsuccessful, waiting time:5 mins 

1 Gold Bar (1 b.)

20 Stone of Harmfulness

100 Damage (1h)

100 Defence (1h)

Mission point: 6.000 Points
Heroes’ Tale IV.
Mission object:Owl Herb
Map:Featherless Forest (Lv60)
Required quantity: 20 pieces
If successful, waiting time:30 mins
If unsuccessful, waiting time: 5 mins
Reward:2 Gold Bar (1 b.)
Mission point:10.000 Points
Heroes’ Tale V.
NPC: Dagrod
Mission object:Desert urn
Map:Dustless Desert (Lv100)
Required quantity:25 pieces
If successful, waiting time: 30 mins
If unsuccessful, waiting time: 7 mins

4 Gold Bar (1 b.)

100 Stone of Harmfulness

2 Hero Points

Mission point: 15000 Points15.000 Points
Heroes’ Tale VI.
Mission object: Fire claw
Map: Hellish Hollow (Lv140)
Required quantity: 30 pieces
If successful, waiting time: 35 mins
If unsuccessful, waiting time: 5 mins

6 Gold Bar (1 b.)

3 Hero Points

Mission point: 20.000 Points
Heroes’ Tale VII.
NPC: Dagrod
Mission object: Aura quartz
Map: Frozen Federation (Lv 180)
Required quantity: 35 pieces
If successfull, waiting time:40 mins
If unsuccessful, waiting time: 5 mins

8 Gold Bar (1 b.)

4 Hero Points

Mission point: 25.000 Points
Heroes’ Tale VIII.
NPC: Dagrod
Mission object: Poison Flower
Map: Faithless Fields (LV220)
Required quantity: 40 pieces
If successful, waiting time: 40 mins
If unsuccessful, waiting time: 10 mins

10 Gold Bar (1 b.)

5 Hero Points

Mission point: 30.000 Points
Heroes’ Tale IX.
Mission object: Relic of Ehrani
Map: Seaside Shire (Lv260)
Required quantity: 40 pieces
If successful, waiting time: 60 mins
If unsuccessful, waiting time: 60 mins

12 Gold Bar (1 b.)

7 Hero points

Mission point: 35.000 Points
Heroes’ Tale X.
NPC: Dagrod
Task: Destroy 1250 Stones 
Map: The Great Grassland (Lv. 300)

15 Gold Bar ( 1b.)

10 Hero Points

Bones seal

Mission point:40.000 Points