Moonlight Chest Event


The Moonlight Treasure Chest Event is a limited-time event in the game. During this time, players have the chance to receive ‘Moonlight Treasure Chests’ from every monster they defeat. These treasure chests contain a variety of items that can help enhance the player’s gaming experience.


  • Hero point
  • Poisoned Enchanted Mushroom
  • Anubis Ring
  • Desert refine chest
  • Sea refine chest
  • Frozen refine chest
  • Plant refine chest
  • Hellfire refine chest
  • Owl refine chest
  • Red Monocle
  • Invite of Owlking
  • Poison essence
  • Gold Bar (200m)
  • Ganesha badge
  • Stone of harmfulness
  • Mount bonus switcher
  • Mount enchanter
  • Item enchanter
  • Item bonus switcher
  • Lucky medal
  • Special Enchanted Mushroom
  • Researcher’s Elixir
  • Chip (x10)
  • Thief’s Glove (30m)
  • Experience ring+