Essential items for the marriage:

Tuxedo (2.000.000 Yang)
Obtainable from the Peddler
Wedding dress (2.500.000 Yang)
Obtainable from the Peddler
Bouquet (100.000 Yang)
Obtainable from the Peddler
not necessarily)
Engagement ring
Can be bought from the item shop


– 2 characters from separate gender
– None of the two can be married
– Both characters need to be at least level 25
– You can have maximum 15 levels between the two characters.

The process of the wedding:

The couple need to go to the Old Lady.
The male character should be wearing a Tuxedo, the female should wear a    Wedding dress. Both characters should have an Engagement Ring in their inventory, and the male character should have 1.000.000 Yang too.

The male character choses the marriage button at the Old Lady,  then he writes his fiancee’s name PRECISELY. After this, the fiancee have 30 seconds to accept it.

The couple will be warped to the Wedding map, that has an NPC at the back of it where the couple need to confirm the marriage.


One sided divorce:

One of the couple must be present. He/she needs ti oay 1.000.000 Yang to the Guard. 24 hours must pass after the marriage.

By common assent:

Both characters must be present. They need to pay 500.000 Yangot to the Guard each.
24 Hours must pass after the marriage.