Halloween Event

Kill monsters around your level to collect a Vial of blood, which is the ticket for the Halloween dungeon.

In every capital, you can find the Vampire Priest, which has two options: teleporting you to the Halloween dungeon lobby or opening the Halloween shop.

In the Halloween dungeon, you can collect Pumpkins, which you can spend on items in the Halloween shop.


  • In the Halloween shop, you can buy weapon skins ,costumes, hairs, mount and pet. Each of these items has an expiration date.

  • You can buy the “Medal of Eternity”, which is needed to upgrade the Perma. version of the items.

  • You can buy the:                                                                                                “Halloween Lollipop” which gives Strength against Metin stones +20%                                                                                                                                                        “Skull lollipop” which gives Strength against Bosses +20%.

  • Also available for purchase are Thief’s gloves (30min.) , Lucky Medal, Transform Costume and Enchant Costume.

You can upgrade costumes, hair, mount, pet and weapon skins with the “Magic Stone”.