Frequently Asked Questions


Q: With what item can i upgrade my skills?
A: From M to G,with Book of Master,from G to P,with Book of Grandmasters.

Q: How can i change my in-game name?
A: You can change your name with a Tincture of the Name, which is available in the Item Shop.

Q: How can i change my gender in-game?
A: With a Modification Charm, which is available in the Item Shop.

Q: How can i remove an equipped card?
A: With a Card Remover, it has 50% to remove your card, which is available in the Item Shop.

Q: Where can i teleport / where can i see the other maps?
A: By pressing F6, you can view the maps, or you can buy Warp Ring from the General Store.

Q: Where can i get Status Reset Document? (skill reset document)
A: You can get it from the Item shop,offline shops,players.

Q: How can i paint my armor and weapon?
A: With a Coloring Brush, which is available in the Item Shop,and seasonal events.

Q: Where can i transform my yang into silver/gold bars?
A: You can buy bars from the Storekeeper.

Q: Is there sash for lower levels?
A: No, there is no sash for lower levels, sash is available only from 420 level.

Q: Where can i upgrade my cards?
A: You can upgrade your card at the NPC named Archibald,which is on the Dungeon lobby.

Q: Can i buff players from other kingdoms?
A: Yes, you can.

Q: Does the cards have 100% to upgrade?
A: Yes, you can upgrade 5 of the same card to a higher card, with 100% chance.

Q: Does the daily login reward reset after 30 days?
A: No,it doesn’t reset, thats only available once.

Q: What is the maximum level for guild level?
A: The currently maximum level achivable is 135.

Q: Where can i make dews?
A: You can craft them at Baek-Go.

Q: Can you use 2 experience rings at the same time?
A: Yes, you can use 2 different experience rings at the same time.


 Q: Is there an event every weekend?
A: Yes, there is an event every weekend.

Q: Does the server have an Event Calendar?
A: No,we won’t have either.

Q: What event will be in this weekend?
A: We don’t know in advance.

Q: How much does the event last?
A: From Friday 20:00 CET, till Sunday 23:59 CET

Q: Is there a Dragon Coin event every weekend?
A: Yes, every weekend there is 25% bonus dragon coins when topping up your account.

Q: Is there events besides the weekend/seasonals?
A: Yes, we also have OX event every Wednesday, at 20:00 CET.

Q: Does every mob drops event items?
A: Every mob which matches your level drops event items.


Q: With what item can you change AVG/SD?
A: With Stone of Harmfullnes.

Q: How can i add/change bonuses in costume?
A: You can add bonuses with Enchant Costume,and you can change the bonuses with Transform Costume,which are available in the item shop,and on seasonal events.

Q: Where can i get Legendary Enchanter and Re-Enchanters?
A: They are available in the Item Shop,on some of the levels of the Boss Tower,and on the Collector’s Conquest event.

Q: Does the server have Switchbot?
A: Yes,press U button.

Q: What bonus does affect the Tensed Temple?
A: Yin bonus affects 10:00-22:00 CET, Yang bonus affect 22:00-10:00 CET.

Q: I voted on the webpage, what do i need to do to get the bonus?
A: You need to relogin to achieve the bonus for which u voted.


Q: A run bugged,can i get my entry back?
A: Please send a video of the bug, so i can forward it to developers, if its valid then ill request the entry back to you, which will be given to you to your Item Shop Storage.

Q: What is the maximum level in the Boss Tower?
A: Currently there are 70 levels in the Boss Tower.

Q: What’s the difference between the dungeons? (simple and the fire)
A: The fire dungeon its harder, you have less time to finish it, but you also get a Hero point, for which u can buy items at the Darunia NPC.

Q: Where can i enter to the dungeons?
A: F6, Dungeon lobby, there you can enter to every dungeon available on the server.

Q: Can you finish the Moss run solo?
A: Yes, but you need a Herbicidal Potion, without the potion you can’t finish it solo.

Q: In the Unreal Dungeons,after finishing the dungeons,what can you do with the cards received?
A: You need the card at the Joker Run to eliminate the towers, so you can finish the dungeon.


 Q: How can i search an item in the offline shop?
A: Press F7, and you can search every item there.

Q: Can you put DC (dragon coins) in the offline shop?
A: Yes, you can.

Q: Can you withdraw yang from the offline shops?
A: You can only withdraw yang from your offline shop after you close it.


Q: What is the coin besides my yang?
A: That’s the Hero points, which you get from the harder dungeons.

Q: How many bosses are in the Seaside Shire?
A: There are 3 bosses in the Seaside Shire.

Q: How can i get PvP equipments?
A: PvP equipments are avaiable in the Boss Tower.

Q: I got stuck,how can i get out?
A: Teleport,or fly with a flying mount.

Q: I forgot my username / password?
A: Write a support ticket from your registered email to the [email protected]