Summer Event


The Summer Chest Event is an exciting in-game event in the world of Land of Heroes EU. During this event, players have the opportunity to engage with various monsters and win fantastic rewards. The event primarily revolves around collecting “Summer Chests,” which can be obtained by defeating in-game monsters.


Upon the death of a monster, players have a chance to receive a Summer Chest. Opening these chests reveals various special items, which includes:

  • Summer Shell
  • Stone of Harmfulness
  • Item Bonus Switcher
  • Item Enchanter
  • Silver Bar (50 m.)
  • Red Monocle
  • Researcher’s Elixir
  • Piece of Stone
  • Green Potion (L)
  • Purple Potion (L)
  • Critical Strike
  • Piercing Strike
  • 14k Gold Ring
  • Dragon God Life
  • Dragon God Attack
  • Dragon God Intelligence
  • Dragon God Defence

One of the primary rewards is the “Summer Shell.” By right-clicking on the Summer Shell in their inventory, players will have it credited to their account.

The Boardgame

Summer Shells can be used to play a unique in-game boardgame. Each dice roll on the boardgame costs 5 Summer Shells. The boardgame has various tiles, each providing different rewards when landed upon. Two of these tiles contain the highest reward: the Special Summer Chest.

Special Summer Chest

The Special Summer Chest is the most coveted reward in the event. It contains significantly superior items compared to the regular Summer Chests, which includes:

  • ┬íHola!Ma (mount)
  • Pufy (mount)
  • Magical Seahorse (mount)
  • Magical Beluga (mount)
  • Atlantis bell look (weapon costume)
  • Atlantis bow look (weapon costume)
  • Atlantis dagger view (weapon costume)
  • Atlantis fan look (weapon costume)
  • Atlantis blade view (weapon costume)
  • Atlantis sword view (weapon costume)
  • Atlantean broadsword look (weapon costume)
  • Atlantis costume (m)
  • Atlantis costume (w)
  • Medal of Eternal Summer
  • Special Summer Shell (5x)
  • Gold Bar (1 b.)
  • Mount Bonus Switcher
  • Mount Enchanter
  • Transform Costume
  • Enchant Costume
  • Sash Enchanter
  • Sash Re-enchanter
  • Golden Fabric
  • Hero Point
  • Soul Training Booklet+

Medal of Eternal Summer

One of the unique items obtained from the Special Summer Chest is the Medal of Eternal Summer. This rare item can be used to transform time-limited items (such as the Magical Seahorse, Magical Beluga, weapon costumes, and Atlantis costumes) into permanent versions, providing players with lasting advantages and aesthetic upgrades.

Enjoy the thrill of battling monsters and the suspense of opening chests in the Summer Event! Your journey to the ultimate reward awaits you. Good luck, adventurers!