Puzzle Event


During the puzzle event, all monsters can drop puzzle pieces. These objects are numbered according to their position in the puzzle image.

You have to collect all 20 pieces to display the complete picture, after which you will receive a prize.

Only monsters with a maximum of 30 levels lower can throw puzzle pieces!

It is not guaranteed that they will throw a puzzle piece that you are missing, so it is worth exchanging with other players so that you all have the complete picture sooner.

During the event, a PUZZLE  button (can be moved) is available in the upper left corner of your screen. By clicking on this, you can bring up the puzzle window, where you can always see the current status of your puzzle.

This window updates automatically and you can see the state of the entire image based on the puzzle pieces in your inventory. The faintly visible fields with a number in the middle mean that the given pieces are still missing, while the fully visible fields refer to the pieces you have.

As soon as you have collected all the pieces, they are automatically redeemed for the prize !