Woman’s day Event

All monsters in the game can drop Women’s Day gift packs . Kill as many monsters as possible and unlock valuable rewards from packs.

The gift package may include:

  • Seal of Armored Cat
  • Enchanted Cat Seal
  • Sylphire seal
  • Dew package
  • Mount Enchanter
  • Mount Bonus Switcher
  • Item Enchanter
  • Item Bonus Switcher
  • Gold bar (500m)
  • Thief’s gloves
  • Lucky Medal
  • Card of grandiose (Rare)
  • Card of Confirmation (Rare)

Summoner : Sylfir Summoner

Bonuses :

  • Chance to drop double yang +15%
  • Strength against Half Humans +10%

You can fly with this mount!

(can only be obtained during the Women’s Day Event)

Also, in the last few days , an item called the Blessed Rose Stone is available on the  item market, and by dragging it to the blacksmith, you can make a fourth, significantly stronger animal from the backs that can be obtained during the three events.

Fufy’s bonuses:

  • Chance of Double Yang +20%
  • Strength against Half Humans +10%
  • Protection against Half Humans +10%