Mangled Memory Event


The Mangled Memory Event is a distinct in-game event inviting players to partake in an adventure combining monster hunting with a memory test twist. The primary goal is to battle as many beasts as possible and hope for Memory Coins, the event’s exclusive currency.

Game Mechanics

Each monster in the game has a chance to drop Memory Coins upon defeat. These special coins serve as the event’s currency and are displayed in the top right corner of your screen. The more monsters you conquer, the higher the chances to gather more Memory Coins.

The Memory Game

In every capital, you will discover an NPC named Pretoria, located next to Darunia. Pretoria holds the key to a unique Memory Game board that players can access. For the cost of one Memory Coin, you can flip a card on the Memory Game Board, aiming to uncover matching pairs.


Finding a pair rewards you with a prize. Unearthing more pairs results in additional rewards. However, if you manage to match all the pairs on the board, a special grand reward awaits. Therefore, amassing more Memory Coins increases your opportunities to reap great prizes!

Always keep in mind, the Mangled Memory Event is as much about strategic gameplay and memory, as it is about combat prowess. Here’s to a thrilling hunt and impeccable memory recall! Good luck!

Possible rewards for finding a pair

Possible rewards for finding all the pairs