Magic Medic Event


Magic Medic Event is an in-game event in which players utilize their strategic and time-management skills to save Non-Player Characters (NPCs) by creating specific medicines. This unique event combines elements of combat, resource management, and decision-making to provide players with a challenging and fun experience.


Event Activation

The event can be accessed by clicking the event button located on the top right corner of the screen, opening the event panel. The event panel features four slots where the players can take NPCs from a buffer situated at the top right of the event panel.

Medicine Crafting

Each NPC requires different ingredients to prepare their medicine. Players have to battle monsters scattered across various maps to collect these ingredients. However, the monsters will only drop ingredients that are needed by the NPCs the player has taken.

Time Limit

A significant aspect of the Magic Medic Event is the time limit. Players have 30 minutes to gather all the ingredients for an NPC’s medicine. Successful collection within the time limit will reward the player with points. However, failure to do so will result in the player losing half of the potential points.

NPC Rarities

NPCs come in different rarities, which are denoted by the color of their background:

  • Green Background = Common
  • Blue Background = Rare
  • Yellow Background = Epic
  • Purple Background = Legendary

Different rarities provide different amounts of points:

  • Common: 100 points
  • Rare: 225 points
  • Epic: 550 points
  • Legendary: 1250 points

Event Shop

In the Magic Medic Event, players can use the points they’ve earned to purchase special items in the Magic Medic Shop. The shop can be accessed via a button on the event panel.

NPC Skipping

The event also features a “skip” option. If a player wishes to replace a chosen NPC, they can use the refresh button. This action will award them with the reward points for that NPC, and the slot will become available for another NPC. It costs Dragon Coins.


Here’s a list of ingredients and maps where they can be collected.

        Athena Mushroom (Featherless Forest)

         Laburnum (Featherless Forest)

         Desert Flower (Dustless Desert)

         Desert Water  (Dustless Desert)

          Hell Flower (Hell-Fire Crater)

          Styx Water (Hell-Fire Crater)

          Magical Ice (Frozen Federation)

          Snow Flower (Frozen Federation)

          Juniperus Root (Faithless Fields)

          Sparganium (Faithless Fields)

          Crab Claw (Seaside Shire)

          Cursed Shell (Seaside Shire)

          Elephant Leather(The Great Grassland)

          Elephant Radish (The Great Grassland)

          Branch Extract (Deceased Dale)

          Sacrificonal Drink (Deceased Dale)

          Dream Extract (Never-Ever Land)

          Syekalin Extract (Never-Ever Land)

          Black Soybean (Tensed Temple)

          Shi Drink (Tensed Temple)