Easter Event

Dungeon of the Crazy Easter Bunny

Entry requirements: from level 250, you will need a “Easter Lily”

Maximum level to get a prize: 999

The process of the dungeon:

After you enter Dungeon of the Crazy Easter Bunny, you find yourself back on Easter Island, but in a more combative environment.
Only 4 tasks await you, but beware, they’re getting more dangerous.
Your first task is to kill all the Crazy Rabbits.
Your second task is to destroy all the Easter eggs.
The third task is to defeat all 4 sub-bosses.
The fourth tasks, Kill the Crazy Easter Bunny!
Take Care, because az 75%, 50% and 25% health, he’ll spawn four Easter Eggs, which will significantly reduce your damage until they are destroyed.
The Dungeon is not designed for one person, so it is recommended that you try the Easter Dungeon in larger groups.

What power will i need?

-Strength against Monsters

-Strength against Metin Stones

-Strength against Bosses

Relative difficulty
The Easter Event is a multi-day event as a result of which all monsters in the game (max. 30 levels lower than your character) can drop Easter eggs.
You can open this package and it may contain the following items.
  • Silver bar (50m)                           
  • Silver bar (100m)
  • Gold bar (200m)
  • Gold bar (500m)
  • Smoky summoner
  • Shusmo summoner
  • Lighty summoner
  • Rabby summoner
  • Snowy summoner
  • Bunny mask (F)
  • Bunny costume (F)
  • Bunny mask (M)
  • Bunny costume (M)
  • Rabbit mask (F)
  • Rabbit costume (F)
  • Rabbit mask (M)
  • Rabbit costume (M)

Easter event in 2023

In every capital city you will find Kylin, who will take you to Easter Island.

After entering the Easter Island map, find Kylin,  which has two options: teleporting you to the Dungeon of the Crazy Easter Bunny or opening the Easter shop.




On each (Map1) Hyorin, Seohae, Sujin and (Map2) Miryang, Jinju, Gumgang 20 Cursed Egg appear per map.

This is mostly for the low level players as they are level 50 eggs, however these eggs throw the pass to the Easter dungeon which is the Easter Lily.

In the Easter dungeon, you can collect Easter Coins, which you can spend on items in the Easter shop.

In the Easter shop, you can buy Enchant Costume, Transfer Costume, costumes, hairs, one mount and two pets. Each of these items has an expiration date.

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We also include a rabbit pet and a chicken mount, which you can buy in the Item Shop for Dragon Coins.