Chest Challenge Event

I’d like to write a few things about the event, since unfortunately quite a few players are contacting me about it, so I thought I’d post the following things you should know about the Chest Challenge Event quests:
For stones, you must kill stones close to your level. (+/- 50 levels)
When killing players, it counts the same player every 30 minutes, too. (+/- 50 levels)
Also, with the bosses. (+ /- 50 levels)
You can upgrade two identical pets to a stronger one.
To avoid abuse, you can only trade with the 4-star pet [Joker (SR) can be ascended to 4 stars.].
Every 60th chest gives you a fixed pet. (Base only)
There are five missions that will always be these, they are reset daily. (You will be able to do these tasks every day)