Chest Challenge Event

I’d like to write a few things about the event, as unfortunately quite a few players have contacted me about it, so I thought I’d post the following things you need to know about the Chest Challenge Event missions:
– For the stones you have to kill stones close to your level (+/- 50 levels).
– Killing players also counts the same players every 30 minutes (+/- 50 levels).
– Also for bosses. (+/- 50 levels)
– Fragments disappear after 5 days
– Once you have the 4 fragments, right click on one of them to combine them, you will then get the mount which will boost your character for 30 days.
– Every 15th crate you get a fixed fragment.
– There are five missions that will always be this, they reset daily. (You can do these missions every day)


  • Destroy 100 metin stones

  • Win 10 agreed fights against players

  • Win guild war

  • Kill 10 bosses

  • Catch 15 fishes