Daily Login

<———-You can open the daily login reward window here.

You can collect your first daily reward after your first online hour.

Day 1Experience Ring 
Day 2Lucky Medal2
Day 3Thief’s Gloves1
Day 4Beginner ring Package I1
Day 5Potion of Wisdom1
Day 6Wild rhinoceros seal1
Day 7Card of Fishermen1
Day 8Aqua Stone Defence +91
Day 9Card of grandiose1
Day 10Book of the Leader5
Day 11Green Potion (L)500
Day 12Purple Potion (L)500
Day 13Beez summoner1
Day 14Aqua Stone Monsters +91
Day 15Experience Ring+1
Day 16Red Monocle15
Day 17Researcher’s Elixir15
Day 18Sea refine Chest2
Day 19Special Enchanted Mushroom5
Day 20Poisoned Enchanted Mushroom5
Day 21Golden Fabric1
Day 22Hero Point2
Day 23Thief’s Gloves5
Day 24Cursed cat seal1
Day 25Card of Explorers1
Day 26Party Gift (refine)1
Day 27Mount Enchanter2
Day 28Chesterton1