Collector’S Conquest Event

Now it’s time to get out your long-dusted picks and rods, because you’re going to need them!

You’ll be given three tasks at a time, all of which require you to collect fish and ores. If you have managed to collect all the items needed to complete a task, you will be awarded some points depending on the rarity of the task. After reaching certain amounts of points, you can claim many valuable rewards.

Tasks are divided into four levels of rarity, which give you points as follows:

Common (green) +12 pts

Rare (blue) +25 pts

Epic (yellow) +50 pts

Legendary (purple) +100 pts

If you want to change one of the tasks, you can do so by pressing the button for 150 Dragon Coins. In this case, a new task will be generated.

More information will be added soon.