Chest Carnival Event


The Chest Carneval Event is a limited-time event in the game. During this time, players have the chance to receive ‘Carneval Chest’ from every monster they defeat.

These chests contain a variety of items that can help enhance the player’s gaming experience.


You have the chance to double the drop of your carneval chests with the carneval ring.

The carnival ring is available in the Item Shop for 2500 DC and can be used for 1 day, after which it disappears.



  • Piece of stone

  • 14K Gold Ring

  • Experience Ring+

  • Red Monocle

  • Researcher’s Elixir

  • Thief’s Gloves (30m)

  • Lucky Medal

  • Item Enchanter

  • Item Bonus switcher

  • Mount Enchanter

  • Mount Bonus Switcher

  • Transform Costume

  • Enchant Costume  

  • Chip (x10)

  • Gold Bar (500 m.)

  • Gold Bar (1 b.)

  • Hero point

  • Special Enchanted Mushroom

  • Poisoned Enchanted Mushroom

  • Deck of Cards

  • Tower time remover

  • Cursed scroll

  • Undead Refine Chest

  • Heart-stone

  • Wonder refine chest

  • Taoist Handbook

  • Yin-Yang refine chest

  • Ancient Healing Stone