Buff seal

How can I get a Buff Seal?

You can get the Buff Seal from the Useful Information II quest, which becomes available at level 30.


This seal has not been broken yet!                                                                                      Be the first to release this shaman’s spirit!

Configurate Shamans

If you right-click on the Seal, you can choose the gender of your character and what you want his or her name to be.

Shaman Info

Once we have chosen the gender of our shaman and specified what his or her name should be, the Seal disappears. You can use the F9 key to bring up the Information panel of your Shaman.

Item Shop

With the release of Buff Seal, 2 Items were added to the Item Shop.

Wings of Blessing
Min. lvl: 100
INT +5

Gives intelligence to your buff character at a lower level. Can only be applied to Buff NPCs!

[ Buff NPC ]


Ring of Intelligence

INT +30

Expires: 7 days
[ Buff NPC ]


Magical Helping Hand

Expires: 7 days

When equipped on a Buff NPC, it automatically picks up your items.

[ Buff NPC ]

You can pull on some items on your shaman, which can be:

  • Any Mounts

  • Any hair that a shaman of that gender can wear.

  • Wings of Blessing

  • Any shaman weapon that your Buff can use at his or her level.

  • Any shaman cloth that your buff can use at their level, or any costume that matches your buff’s gender.

  • Any earrings that your Buff can use at his or her level.

  • Any shield that your Buff can use at his or her level.

  • Ring of Intelligence

  • Magical Helping Hand

But why are these good?

You could say it’s all about looks, but that’s not entirely true.

Hair is the only exception, because currently there is no hair that gives intelligence, but you can attach anything to the buff, if the item gives intelligence then the shaman’s Intelligence increases.

↑Level UP↑

When you kill monsters, your Buff gets 15% of the EXP your character gets.
Your Buff has no level limit and will also get EXP when you use an Anti-EXP ring.

How can I upgrade the shaman’s skills?

  • You get one Skill Point for each level up.

  • If you put 17 points on a skill, the skill becomes M1.

  • You need 55 books in total to upgrade a skill from M1 to G1.

  • You need soulstone to upgrade a skill from G1 to P.

Find on this map

You can get it from



Featherless Forest (Lv. 60)

Owl Stone (Lv. 95 Stone)

Blessing Manual


Dustless Desert (Lv. 100)

Scarabeus meteor (Lv. 120 Stone)

Reflect Manual


Dustless Desert (Lv. 100)

Pharaoh meteor (Lv. 120 Stone)

Reflect Manual


Hell-Fire Crater (Lv. 140)

Stone of the Dead (Lv. 170 Stone)

Dragon’s Aid Manual


Frozen Federation ( Lv. 180)

Ice Crystal (Lv. 220 Stone)

Swiftness Manual


Faithless Fields (Lv. 220)

Plant stone (lv. 260 Stone)

Attack Manual


Faithless Fields (Lv. 220)

Green stone (Lv. 265 Stone)

Attack Manual