The game features unique mounts and pets that can undergo a process called ascension. Ascension significantly enhances the bonuses of these mounts or pets.

Ascended items are distinguished by stars following their names, indicating their level of ascension.

Ascension Process

To ascend an item, you need two identical items at the same ascension level (indicated by the star count). Once you have these, you must drag one item onto the other, which will trigger an ascension pop-up.

To ascend an item to a 1-star level, you need two items at the 0-star level, and so forth.

The maximum ascension level an item can reach is determined by its rarity. This can be seen in the bottom left corner of the item’s icon.

Ascension popup

Rarities, Maximum Ascension Levels

UR [ultra rare]

SSR [super super rare]

SR [super rare]

R [rare]





Fully developed Leviathan

Currently Available Ascendable Items [Maximum Stars]


Bloody Spider mount
Dragosaurus pet

Super Rare

Super Super Rare